​Meghan Markle Stuns in Givenchy for First Solo Engagement With Queen

Just under a month since the wedding of the year, the newly dubbed Duchess of Sussex heads to Cheshire for her first solo engagement with Queen Elizabeth II. 

Meghan Markle and the Queen role in style abroad the royal train, which in itself was a huge deal. Markle is one of the very first of the younger generation of royals to have used the train. Prince William had reportedly used the train once while Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have never ridden it in an official capacity.

Judging from all the giggles and small talk it seems that the two really hit it off, looking like longtime royal besties. Royal commentators say that the first away day for the queen and Meghan together really shows just how much Markle has been accepted by the royal family. 

Not that we’re comparing, but Middleton’s first away day with the Queen happened nine months after she married Prince William, and even then they traveled on a regular train. 

Markle looks absolutely stunning in Givenchy (again!), the same designer she chose for her wedding gown. The ivory cape pencil dress was perfect for the occasion, accessorizing the look with k with black, Sarah Flint heels, as well as a Givenchy purse, belt, and a bracelet. The young royal also wore beautiful pearl earrings she was gifted by the Queen herself. 

Hope there are more giggles to come from these two!