A New Hannah Gadsby Comedy Special is Coming to Netflix

Netflix and comedienne Hannah Gadsby are teaming up again. 

The 41-year-old Australian stand-up comic, currently touring her show Douglas around the world, announced the collaboration on Monday.

“I’m so excited to announce today that Douglas will be released on Netflix in 2020,” she said. “I’m really enjoying touring with the live performance, but there will be places in the world that I won’t be able to visit, so it’s wonderful that Netflix will bring the show to every corner of the globe.”

The hour-long forthcoming special is named after Gadsby’s dog.

Gadsby’s previous special on the streaming giant, Nanette, earned critical acclaim. Gadsby told Variety, Nanette’s her own beast. I’ve pretty much just set up camp in Nanette’s shadow and this is where I live now. The thing about Nanette is, I’ve said what I had to say in that moment, so that’s what I’ve done with Douglas and I’m just speaking to where I am in the moment, and a lot of where I’m at, at the moment is in the wake of Nanette.”