First Trailer for Season 3 of “Westworld” is Here!

The new season of Westworld is coming back to HBO next year, and judging by the first trailer alone – it’ll be unlike anything we’ve seen before. This short visual introduces us to a brand-new character played by Aaron Paul, who’s longing for someone real.

This cryptic teaser apparently takes us outside of the borders of the original theme park, and into the real world. We look at this dystopian near-future scenario through the eyes of Paul’s character, who opens the trailer with mysterious voiceover.

“Sometimes it seems like the world looks all right. Like they put a coat of paint on it. But inside it’s rotting to pieces. They said it would make a better world, smooth out the rough edges. But that was a lie. I guess the rough edges are the only thing I’m hanging onto.”

The final moments of the trailer give us a glimpse of a very different Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), and we can’t wait to see how her character got here when Westworld returns to HBO in 2020.