Alec Baldwin is Getting His Own Comedy Central Roast

Getting your own Comedy Central Roast special is a sign you truly made it in Hollywood, and this year’s episode will be dedicated to acting legend Alec Baldwin.

He’s following in the footsteps of Bruce Willis, Rob Lowe and many other Hollywood legends, who were on the receiving end of epic burns since this series of celebrity roast specials first aired on Comedy Central in 2003.

Since this show gets only one episode per year, it’s a huge honor to be elected, and it’s usually reserved for people who have a sense of humor about themselves – making Alec Baldwin the perfect fit.

“Getting roasted will be the greatest honors of my lifetime besides being a father, a husband, hosting SNL 17 times, receiving Golden Globes, Emmys and working with Martin Scorsese,” said Baldwin in a statement.

The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin still doesn’t have a premiere date and the list of roasters, but we’re really rooting for Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan to make an appearance and poke fun at their former 30 Rock co-star. One can dream, right?