Alicia Keys Enlists Michael B. Jordan and Zoe Saldana for New Video

Alicia Keys has a way of constantly impressing us with each of her projects, and she really outdid herself with the new music video for “Show Me Love.” This video is stunning to watch and it features appearances from Michael B. Jordan and Zoe Saldana.

Keys joined forces with the fellow R&B star Miguel for the first single from her upcoming seventh album. Instead of creating a straight-forward music video, she wanted to make a visual sonic experience that perfectly captures the feeling of self-love, love for another, love for creating and spiritual love.

Her video features a total of three slow-motion scenes, shot in only seven seconds. Each of them reflects on different manifestations of love, with water serving as a powerful metaphor in all of the shots.

“Honestly, I think that water wanted to make its own appearance in this. It represents so many different sides. In one way it represents the struggle, in another way it represents the beauty but it never means the same thing,” explained Alicia Keys while discussing “Show Me Love” with Hypebeast.

The Grammy-nominated artist also prepared a visual installation based on this video at Dolby SoHo in New York, which can be accessed between September 18th and September 22th.