Animated Love Story “In a Heartbeat” is a Breath of Fresh Air

Who would have believed that what started out as a Kickstarter project would bring to life the animated gay love story the world has been missing?

The four-minute cartoon, posted on YouTube July 31, is winning hearts across the twittershpere, where many are praising the decision to share and represent gay characters onscreen.

416 backers pledged 14,191 dollars, more than four times the amount creators Esteban Bravo and Beth David hoped to collect. This was how In a Heartbeat was born, a cartoon story of Sherwin, a closeted boy who could possibly be outed because his heart wishes to pop out of his chest and chase Johnathan his crush.

The campaign that ended in December 2016 was also used as a platform by the creators to share their feelings and thoughts. They wrote of the decision to create a cartoon that tells an LGBTQ story, saying that they feel it is a topic that hasn’t been explored in computer animation. They added that they are very excited to share what is a personal topic in a sweet and cheerful way.