Ansel Elgort Set to Star in “The Great High School Imposter”

Ansel Elgort is getting ready to scam his way into an American high school in his next project The Great High School Imposter. He’ll play the lead in the shocking true story about a Ukrainian teen chasing the American dream.

Daniel Riley’s GQ Magazine article of the same name servers as the foundation for this intriguing project. It tells the story of a bright Ukranian immigrant, Artur Samarin, who befriends a childless couple in a small Pennsylvania town and pretended he’s much younger so they would adopt him.

Despite becoming a top student with several scholarships at elite colleges on the horizon, Samarin didn’t get to live his dream of working for NASA because the couple eventually blew his cover. He later claimed they were aware of his age and adopted him because they received government benefits for doing so.

This whole story sounds like something you only see in the movies, so it’s only fitting we’re getting one inspired by it.

Mike Makowsky, who recently wrote the script for Bad Education starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, will be in charge of adapting The Great High School Imposter to the big screen.