“Aquaman” is Officially The Biggest DC Extended Universe Movie Ever

Aquaman is hitting some major box-office milestones!

The unlikely superhero has officially dethroned the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel as highest grossing DC Extended Universe feature. 

The Jason Momoa-led feature is officially the highest worldwide box-office total of any DC Extended Universe. Aquaman has already surpassed Justice League’s$657, Man of Steel’s $668 million, Suicide Squad’s $746 million and Wonder Woman‘s $821 million. 

And now it has dethroned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice surpassing the latter in worldwide ticket sales.  Since its release last month, the Warner Bros. feature has grossed $887 million in comparison to the former title holder with $873 million. According to multiple reports, Aquaman is also likely to cross the $1 billion mark—a first for the franchise. 

The DC Extended Universe next releases Shazam! out April 5.