Ariana Grande Releases New Single With Her Bestie Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet co-wrote some of Ariana Grande’s biggest hits, but the two BFFs didn’t stop at that. The two joined forces to record their first single together – an offbeat tune called “Monopoly” which already went viral.

the Emoji-filled video for the new single has a much different vibe than some of Grande’s latest videos. It doesn’t have an elaborate plot-line as “Thank U, Next” or the extravagant feel of “7 Rings” – but it’s obvious this epic duo had a blast filming it.

Monopoly isn’t their first collaboration, but it’s pretty special since it features Monet as both a songwriter and a vocalist. She’s been collaborating with Grande since 2013, when she wrote the song “Honeymoon Avenue” featured on the singer’s debut album Yours Truly.

Working relationship between the two only became stronger over the years, and Victoria Monet believes their close friendship was the secret formula behind some of Ari’s biggest hits.

“I feel like the song wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t friends. Since I’m her friend I know that she always says, “Thank you, next.” I wouldn’t have come up with that if I were in the room with someone else,” explained Monet.