Avril Lavigne Makes An Emotional Comeback With “Head Above Water”

Avril Lavigne found the perfect way to celebrate her birthday this year – by dropping a stunning video for her comeback single “Head Above Water.” This is one of her most personal songs to date, and the video perfectly captured everything she struggled with in the last few years.

The Canadian singer took a break from showbiz after being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015. Lavigne described these years as the worst in her life, but she was able to turn her physical and emotional battles into music.

“Head Above Water” was one of the songs she wrote while still confined to her bed. Pouring her thoughts into words helped her cope with the traumatic experience and come out of it even stronger.

“It makes my heart so unbelievably full to premiere the Head Above Water music video for you all today, on my birthday. From the very first day I started writing this song, I have been inspired and gathering visuals and imagining what the music video could look like,” wrote Lavigne on her Twitter.

The hit-maker also thanked the “insanely talented” director Elliott Lester for capturing her vision and going all the way to Iceland to film this amazing video. “Head Above Water” will be the lead single on Lavigne’s upcoming six studio album that she’s currently working on.