Bradley Cooper Gets PETA Award For Putting His Dog in “A Star is Born”

Lady Gaga apparently isn’t the only rising star of Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut and she has a strong competition in his dog Charlie. Animal rights organization PETA was so impressed by Cooper’s decision to cast his pet in A Star Is Born that they decided to honor him with a special Compassion In Film Award.

PETA’s senior vice president Lisa Lange praised actor-turned-director for putting Charlie in the movie and said she hopes his casting call will inspire others to do the same.

“Bradley Cooper’s happy, adorable, and much-loved dog steals the spotlight – and viewers’ hearts – in this film because it’s clear that he loved being with his real-life dad. PETA has witnessed so much abuse and neglect of dogs, both on and off set, that we’re hoping Cooper’s kind decision sets a precedent for all of Hollywood to follow,” explained Lange.

Bradley Cooper said his decision to include Charlie was always intentional because he could add a lot to the story. Since main characters Jackson and Ally didn’t have kids together, taking care of a puppy gave them a chance to show their compassion, love, and care in a very significant way.

A Star is Born premiered on October 5 and it already received rave reviews and a lot of Oscar buzz.