Bruno Mars Temporarily Halts Gig Due to On-Stage Fire

Things got a little too hot during Bruno Mars’ Glasgow concert. 

The Grammy winner was forced to temporarily stop his set at Glasgow Green, Scotland, on Tuesday and evacuate the stage due to a pyrotechnic malfunction which caused a small fire. 

Concert-goer told ET that four songs into his set, Mars suddenly stopped singing, telling the audience that he needs to stop the show as he was, in fact, walking off the stage. As this happened, a safety message was shown on the screen that read, “This is a safety announcement. It is necessary to stop the show temporarily. Further information to follow.”

The fire was brought under control in several minutes so luckily no major drama ensued. 

Despite the ordeal, the singer kept positive and as he returned to the stage he sang, “we burned the stage down in Glasgow.” He then jokingly added, “Better call the fire department when the Hooligans get on stage!” 

A spokesperson for DF Concerts said: “During the Bruno Mars show, there was an incident involving one of the stage lights meaning the show was stopped temporarily. Thanks to the quick thinking of our stage team who assessed the situation, this incident was quickly responded to, allowing the show to continue safely.”

Mars is currently finishing up the European leg of his 24K Magic World Tour and will be kicking off the US portion in September.