Camila Cabello Confronts Past in New Video Starring Dylan Sprouse

It’s been a year since Camila Cabello ruled all the charts with her breakout single Havana, and she’s back to rock our world with a brand-new song. The music video for the orchestra version of “Consequences” is here, and it shows the young singer mourning lost love.

The moving video stars Dylan Sprouse as the ghost of Cabello’s lost lover. She’s shown walking down memory lane, imagining he’s still there, an remembering all the good times they had together. In the beginning of the video, we see her surrounded by autumn leaves. As she walks further, seasons slowly shift and her relationship falls apart.

“Consequences” is taken from Cabello’s debut album. Everyone advised her not to pick a ballad, but the former Fifth Harmony singer did it anyway. She explained she wants to challenge herself and give people the most honest representation of who she is. That’s what they’re getting with this song.

“I wanted to close this era finishing on a song that makes you feel, that makes you think about someone you loved and lost, that makes you think about what it’s like to love someone so deeply. If this era tugs on your heart strings even a little bit, that’s all I care about,” wrote Cabello on Instagram.