Fergie’s second solo LP “Double Dutchess” debuts this Friday

This week brings with it the release of Fergie’s second solo album titled Double Dutchess. The album is a follow-up set to the singer’s solo debut, The Dutchess that was released a full 11 years ago. That album bore five Top 5 singles including “Fergalicious,” “London Bridge” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

The 42-year-old singer told EW that the main reason for the delay was her role as a mother to Axl, her and Josh Duhamel’s 4 year-old-son.

“I’m not going to sacrifice time with my child,” she said. “That’s just not going to happen. They can keep banging on my door [to release an album], but I’m like, “I’m with Axl. I’m off the grid! Bye!”

Recording her second album meant a complete reorganization, as the singer explained that this time around, things were totally different having to masterfully schedule the hours she’s spend at the studio.

Balancing her dual roles as artist and mother required some adjustments, but not all of them resulted from struggle. Fergie said that in many ways the pregnancy “reset” her, adding that it also inspired her to extend her creative reach. “I’ve never taken this much responsibility,” she said. “I’m executive-producing [the album] and I kept wanting to make it better and better. I wanted to strive for greatness.”

Double Dutchess debuts Friday.