Get a First Look at the “Downton Abbey” Movie

Good news Downton Abbey fans! The first look at the upcoming feature is here!

At last the first teaser trailer for the Downton Abbey movie has been released and you’re up for a delightful experience.

Titled, Downton Abbey, the trailer features the return of the cast of the Crawley family and their servants from the sixth and final season of the show. In the teaser, we see the interior of the Crawley’s home, followed by shots of their grandiose estate, all to the tune of a new rendition of the show’s theme music.

Rumors of a Downton Abbey film began circling as soon as the series ended. But in fact, executive producer Gareth Neame confirmed that among the production team, the idea started percolating as early as season five. “We felt we were quitting while we were ahead… We wanted to go while people still wanted more. It was a way to sweeten the pill for the millions of fans around the world — the show was coming to an end, but we hoped to put a movie together.”

The rumors of a film that is an extension of the PBS television series was confirmed back in July. But plot details are scarce, even after the teaser…

“We had to do everything that all the fans wanted, but we had to do something that was fresh and original,” said Neame. “We wanted a kind of storyline and sense of scale and production value that exceeded even the very high production values the TV show was remembered for. On the big screen, it just had to look a little bit more lavish and a little bit bigger and better.”

He continued: “It’s a return to these really beloved characters and seeing them in new sets of circumstances and how they will deal with those, and hopefully, a good mix of the drama, comedy, and romance that had been the mainstays of it all.”

See the trailer below: