“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 Brings With It a Casting Shake-Up

Grey’s Anatomy returns next month with a two-hour premier, however, audiences should expect some major casting reorganization.

In season 13 fans discovered that Owen’s sister Megan, who also served as an army medic, was found alive after she was believed to have died in a helicopter crash. Season 14 of the medical drama will see Abigail Spencer instead of Bridget Regan, who portrayed Owen’s sister, Megan Hunt, in earlier seasons, since she is unable to return due to a scheduling conflict.

Megan did not appear in the finale as fans only got to see a tuft of red her on a stretcher. There’s no doubt her arrival in season 14 will make for some good drama, especially for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) who finally opened herself up romantically to Riggs (Martin Henderson), Megan’s love interest.

For Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) it will be a conflicting time as he must deal with the fact that he went on with his life, thinking his sister was gone, but in actual fact she was alive all those years.

It will be interesting to see how Owen will handle his sister’s return as well as Dr. Teddy Altman’s return. Altman’s comeback for an arc in season 14 was previously announced. The final episode of season 13 saw her speaking with Hunt’s estranged wife Amelia, as she was in charge of Megan’s recovery at the military hospital in Germany.

Grey’s Anatomy will premiere on Thursday, September 28.