Here’s the First Trailer for Meryl Streep’s “The Laundromat”

How do millionaires stay rich? Watch the first trailer for The Laundromat!

Netflix dropped the first trailer for the Steven Soderbergh-directed dark comedy that follows a group of journalists uncovering the illicit money networks at the heart of the Panama Papers. 

An adaptation of Jake Bernstein’s non-fiction book Secrecy World, the film features a big cast that includes Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas, and Matthias Schoenaerts. 

Streep plays a woman cheated of money she’s owed, who finds that the problem is much bigger than she’d anticipated. Streep’s character is up against two Panama City law partners, played by Oldman and Banderas.

Jeffrey Wright, Sharon Stone, Melissa Rauch, Robert Patrick, and David Schwimmer round out the cast.

The film is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It will then be released in theaters before finally debuting on the streaming service. 

Watch the trailer below.