‘iCarly’ Star Nathan Kress and Wife London Confirm They’re Having a Baby Girl

Nathan Kress revealed that he and wife London are having a baby girl. The iCarly star shared a photo on Instagram on Sunday showing the couple with a pink balloon reading, “It’s a Baby Girl!”

“You can find me on my porch, in my rocking chair, polishing my shotgun, for the next 18 to 40 years,” he wrote.

London also posted a photo with detailed update on how her baby girl is doing. “I have 100% not strived to be skinny, but I AM striving to be healthy,” she wrote. “Believe me, there has been no shortage of eating or malnutrition for me or baby girl. I know some may have seemed concerned about my size/baby’s size in my mid-pregnancy photo, but I hope this helps ease some minds :).”

“We all have unique body types, and this just happens to be mine right now!” she added. “It doesn’t matter what size each of us are, pregnant or not, as long as we’re taking care of our bodies.”

The blonde beauty, who is due in January, also shared a photo of the “very intimate” baby shower organized by her mother.

The couple revealed the pregnancy news in July, with Nathan posting a snapshot showing London’s baby bump with Big Ben in the background. Later in the month, the two enjoyed a vacation to the beautiful place of Queenstown, New Zealand.

This will be the first child of the couple, who both starred in 2014 movie Into The Storm.  They got married in 2015 in Los Angeles, California but now living in England, ET reports.