“Insatiable” Has been Renewed for a Season Despite Backlash

Fatty Patty and the rest of the Insatiable crew will be back for a second season.

Netflix has announced that the dark comedy Insatiable will be returning for another season in spite of the controversy that it has sparked. Many viewers felt that the show was guilty of ‘fat-shaming’ and were unimpressed with how it handled the dieting and what can be achieved socially by losing weight.

The series not only sparked debate but splatted at a dismal 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. Although the season finale did end on a pretty dramatic cliffhanger, it is nevertheless surprising that the series has been renewed.

The show creator Lauren Gussis has defended the show, explaining that the goal was to satire the makeover ideology that is perpetuated in teen dramas. Patty does not become happy when she loses weight because her new found confidence is only skin deep and the damage from her past has already been done. She said:

“The story is not ‘somebody gets thin, becomes happy, and gets everything she wants.’ It’s actually quite the opposite, but the story has to start somewhere.”