James Cameron is Considering Reviving the Terminator

Great news for Terminator fans! According to News.com.au, 1984’s original film and 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day director and co-writer James Cameron is considering making a new Terminator trilogy.

There’s no doubt that there’s still a fan base for the franchise as a new 3-D version of Terminator 2 will be released in theaters next month.

Cameron says the biggest question is whether the franchise can be continued and revived or whether it has to be completely remade.

Relaunching the Terminator means making a movie that fits into the science fiction world of predator drones, surveillance, big data and AI. In other words, there’s some catching up to do.

Cameron has been in contact with current rights holder David Ellison, saying that there are a few more hurdles to overcome before announcing a return.

Perhaps most importantly, Cameron said that even though a new trilogy will hand over the reins to new characters, Terminator veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger will in some way be a part of the new trilogy.