John Mayer Debuts A Very Relatable Christmas Song

Just before Christmas, John Mayer took to Instagram to share with his followers a new song he premiered on a recent episode of Current Mood.

The song is all about CVS. Yeah that’s right — about everyone’s favorite spot to last-minute shop on Christmas. 

“I wrote this song myself, and it’s about something we all encounter during the holidays,” Mayer said in his introduction to the song. “So when you go home for the holidays and you stay at your family’s house, you’re a guest and there’s not much you can do.”

“I fell asleep too early / I woke up at midnight / I was hungry / It was alright, you were there / CVS bag on the table / CVS bag you’re all that I have…”

Mayer’s post already has over 918,000 views — you can listen to it below!