Katy Perry Shares Whimsical New Video for “Never Really Over”

Katy Perry is ready for a brand-new era of her career, and she kicked it off with her latest single “Never Really Over.” The magical music video for the playful tune is here and it’s the most colorful thing you’ll see all day.

Perry’s latest video was filmed in Malibu and it’s a retro oasis with strong late ‘60s vibes. The 34-year-old singer had a couple of key-words in mind while putting it together – new age, esoteric, California, healing, hippie and medicinal.

“Honestly these are the words that I’ve come to live by and type of things that I’ve wanted to incorporate into my way of life in the past five years. And so I just wanted to put that into my music, and my video, too,” explained Perry before unveiling the video to a group of fans at YouTube headquarters.

She also discussed her new music in an interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1, and said it’s not necessarily an expression of where she is now, but everything she went through in the past.

“The music that I’m putting out now is kind of a delayed effect of what has happened in my life. Yeah, but it’s not like day and date with who I am presently, but it’s definitely something I’ve gone through in the past and what it means to me is that your mind is super powerful,” said Perry.