Kristen Stewart Goes Off the Rails in Interpol’s New Video

Kristen Stewart spent the last couple of years embracing her wild side and she’s showing no signs of stopping. She appeared in the latest video of indie band Interpol, and this role proved to be right up her alley.

Stewart plays a rebellious party girl who sneaks into a fancy nightclub and ends up making out with every guy who crosses her path. Finn Wittrock is her first target, but the blonde trouble-maker quickly moves on to someone new.

Wittrock starts unraveling after losing her attention and eventually ends up in a fight, as we watch Stewart leaving the party without a worry in the world.  Interpol’s lead singer, Paul Banks, described the duo as the perfect choice for “If You Really Love Nothing” video and said they couldn’t be happier with the casting.

“Kristen Stewart is the perfect actress for this part. I don’t think there’s anyone that could have better played the role. She nails it, and I love the performance from Finn Wittrock. Another wonderful casting choice – he plays the role of Kristen’s beleaguered companion beautifully,” said Banks.

“If You Really Love Nothing” is the last single from Interpol’s sixth studio album Marauder. It hit the shelves on August 24, only a day after their stylish new video dropped.