Leslie Jones is Saying Goodbye to “SNL” After Five Seasons

Leslie Jones is one of Saturday Night Live’s most valuable players, but we’ll have to learn to love this show without her in it. She’s reportedly leaving the popular comedy sketch show after making us laugh for five seasons.

Jones joined SNL back in 2014, and her life turned upside down in the years to come. This show gave her the big break she was looking for, and she went on to star in Ghostbusters reboot, covered the Olympics for NBC, and landed two Emmy nominations.

Needless to say, Saturday Night Live opened many doors for her, and she’s ready to use that to her advantage. Instead of expending her contract for another year, Leslie Jones reportedly decided to focus on other opportunities and departed from the show after a total of five seasons.

If you’re heartbroken by Jones’s departure, we got some good news for you. The new season of SNL will still be amazing as Kate McKinnon isn’t leaving just yet. She extended her contract for another year, and we’re looking forward to her amazing impressions when this show comes back to NBC this fall.