Man Arrested for Stealing Arby’s Meat Claims to Be from the Future

Oklahoma City – A man who claimed he his visiting from future was arrested after a violent attempt to steal present-day fast food.

36 year-old Dante Anderson allegedly pushing an Arby’s manager, hopped over the counter and grabbed handfuls of bacon and chicken before trying to escape.

According to Officer Gay Knight of Oklahoma City Police, Anderson explained that he was from precisely four years into the future, and that his strange behavior is simply the way people obtain food in the apocalyptic distant year of 2020, KOKO news reports.

The time-pirate alleges he walked on foot to the present from the future, and in fact attempted the same thing at an adjacent Carl’s Jr. joint before having a go at Arby’s.

Google Street View of the Arby’s location

According to the report, Anderson said that everyone on his Earth is dead, that the hard walk over to the present/past worked up his healthy appetite.

Knight told KOKH that Anderson was potentially “under the influence of some sort of narcotic or intoxicant or suffering from some type of break with reality.” He has since been charged with robbery, assault and destruction of property after damaging nearby cars which he kicked.