NBC to Adapt “The Black Tapes” Podcast for Television

According to Deadline, a new supernatural drama based on The Black Tapes podcast is in the works at NBC.

NBC is bringing a fan-favorite paranormal scripted podcast from Emerald City co-creator Matthew Arnold, Paul Bae, and Terry Miles to the screen.

The series will follow journalist Alex Reagan as she dives into the world of ghost hunters and paranormal investigation. In the podcast, Reagan narrates a nonfiction-styled fictional story over multiple episodes. The story begins with a biography of professional skeptic Dr. Richard Strand, who is on a mission to debunk all claims of the supernatural. This, however, instigates a state for the supernatural for Reagan who begins to pursue unsolved cases, The Black Tapes.

According to the outlet, The Black Tapes podcast consistently ranks on Apple’s iTunes Arts chart in the top 10 in America. It has 41.5 million downloads to date.