Police: Man stuffed $100 worth of frozen shrimp down his pants, escaped on bike

CAMRIDGE, Mass. – Police are on the hunt for a male suspect who reportedly stole $100 worth of frozen shrimp from a store in Cambridge and escaped on bicycle.

Around 9 am, officers received a report of an armed robbery at a store on Memorial Drive, and headed to the scene. Spokesperson for the department, Jeremy Warwick, stated that the suspect had 10 bags full of the crustaceans inside his shopping basket, but opted to hide them inside his trousers before attempting to make his sleek escape.

When confronted, the suspect told employees he had a knife, though none was ever shown, after which he simply got on his bicycle and rode away, shrimp in pants, toward Central Square.

Police said the suspect is a black male in his 40s, roughly 5.8”, last seen wearing a dark blue jacket, grey sweatpants, a black beanie hat, and a backpack.

No cameras were in the store at the time, and police are still on the lookout for the mysterious seafood bandit.