Rebel Wilson to Star in New Australian Drama Series

The actress from Down Under is making her way to Aussie television.

38-year-old Rebel Wilson has been tapped to star in a new Australian drama series titled Les Norton. The ten-part period drama is based on Robert G. Barrett’s novels, for Australian public broadcaster ABC.

Wilson will star opposite Alexander Bertrand who will play the titular lead. Set in 1985, the series will follow the exploits of Les Norton, a man from outback Queensland. On the run from a troubled past, he blows into Sydney where he lands a job as a bouncer at a notorious illegal casino in Kings Cross. He soon finds himself seduced by the city’s illicit charms and dragged into a web of underground criminality.

“Les Norton is an affable character that has proven popular with audiences in the best-selling book series. What excites me about this TV adaptation is that the creative team have included a slew of new female roles to go head on with the male characters established in the books,” Screen Australia’s Sally Caplan said.

Les Norton was created by Morgan O’Neil. It was penned by writers Christopher Lee, Samantha Winston, Shanti Gudeon, Malcolm Know and Jessica Tuckwell.