Sam Smith Surprises Two Brides By Performing at Their Wedding

Sam Smith’s adorable gesture definitely made for an unforgettable wedding day present.

The “Stay with Me” singer made a surprise appearance at a wedding. This crash appearance was a legit surprise for both brides Bec Baran and Lisa Best as well as the rest of the wedding party.

The surprise appearance was set up by Lisa’s niece and best woman, Katie who had secretly arranged for Smith to perform at the reception. The DJ announced the sweet surprised for the newlyweds as he said “Lisa and Bec, it is time for the surprise of your married lives. With a little bit of help from Lisa’s best woman, we have been keeping a big secret from you. Please welcome Sam Smith!”

The singer stepped into the ballroom where he hugged both brides at once. Then he went on to perform his ballad “Latch.”

This was seen on Smith’s recent TV special Sam Smith at the BBC, where the singer said that for him the experience was super special. “Just being a part of someone’s day like that means the world to me. They’re so in love. It’s just incredible. They’re so in love and it’s so beautiful.”

Both brides couldn’t have been more surprised.

“When he walked through the door, I just thought, ‘Wow, that is actually Sam Smith!’ This does not happen to us,” Best said.

“All of my friends and Bec’s friends and family were really shocked,” she said. “It was just another level.”