“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 2 Review

The first season of Santa Clarita Diet took us by surprise when it brought us Drew Barrymore as a suburban realter who wakes up one morning as a zombie – although, let’s face it, we prefer the term ‘undead’ as zombie implies something inherently negative.

The second season, which aired March 23, brought with it a whole new level of shocking and is quite frankly, hilarious.

The season kicks off with the insides and outsides of a man being sprawled all over the family’s shiny kitchen when Sheila gets angry. Nonetheless, the family decide that if they work together they might still be able to have a normal, happy family life despite Sheila’s condition. The absurdity of this notion is a source of humour throughout.

There is also more happening plot-wise in this season. The couple face the challenge of where to find food for Sheila now that they have seemingly run out of criminals in the neighbourhood to kill. They also do some detective work as they try to solve the mystery of what the hell happened for Sheila for her to wake up dead one morning with a hunger for human flesh. Oh yeah, it also turns out that she is not the only one of her kind.

Special credit needs to be given to Liv Hewson who gives a fantastic performance as Abby, the teenage daughter with a badass attitude who holds the family together. Nathan Fillion also returns as Garry’s head and provides not just an excellent comedic twist but raises some pretty deep ethical questions as Sheila and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) figure out what to do with him.

Overall, it is surprising to see how genuinely entertaining the season was and the ending has made a third season look very attractive.