“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 3: More WTF Hilarity

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in "Santa Clarita Diet"

We’re just going to come out and say it – Santa Clarita Diet is the funniest comedy horror on Netflix right now.

It’s been a while since we watched the second season of Drew Barrymore’s hilariously gruesome show but after a brief rundown of what’s happened so far, we were super ready for season 3. We quickly learned that if things seemed wild last season, then they were about to get a whole lot wilder. This time round, everything was pushed to even further extremes and it just made the whole thing even more hysterical.

Let’s take poor Garry as a symbol for the show’s madness. In season one, he was brutally murdered by Sheila and in season 2, he was reintroduced as a zombified head. Sheila and Joel forgot to inject him with the serum so, in season 3, we are reintroduced to him as the disgustingly haggard and decrepit head which is 10x more gross than it was before.

This is basically what happens to everything else in the show: Anne’s solo worship of Sheila becomes a cult; Eric and Abby’s daring antics become the subject of an FBI investigation; the hunt for Sheila becomes the sole mission of the Serbian knights and oh yeah, the undead virus is starting to spread.

Still, among all the wackiness and insanity that was season 3, the show had us pondering some pretty intense philosophical questions. This manifested significantly in Sheila’s quest for purpose. When Anne suggests to her that she might have been chosen by God, Sheila begins to peruse the life of the good. She joins a ‘meals on wheels’ company, hoping to bring some light into an old lady’s life but is quickly called out on the fact that she is only doing it to make herself feel better.

This spirals into the age-old question of whether it really is possible to be selfless. In the end, the closest thing to selflessness we witness is Sheila and the now undead old lady in a food coma gorging on the women they just killed together. This is what Santa Clarita Diet does.

So yeah, we rated the new season and it had us pondering life’s big question while snorting hysterically. The season finale wrapped things up just enough so that if the show was canceled it wouldn’t be a disaster, but also left things open enough that the show could easily continue. We’re hoping for the later.