Three Songs From “A Star Is Born” Submitted for the Oscars

The Oscar nominations won’t be announced until January, but A Star Is Born is already one of the front-runners. Warner Bros. bosses already started plotting its victory and submitted three of the songs from this hit musical for the consideration of the Academy.

Despite the fact that it’s not one of the main categories, Best Original Song is pretty important for movies such as this one. The heartfelt tunes from its chart-topping soundtrack pretty much carry the plot, and experts have been discussing their Oscar potential ever since the movie came out.

Warner Bros. narrowed the list down to three tracks and confirmed our suspicions by making a pretty obvious choice. “Shallow”, “Always Remember Us This Way” and “I’ll Never Love Again” will be campaigned for Best Original Song come Oscar time.

According to the Academy rules, only two songs per movie can be nominated in one calendar year, so it’s safe to say one of them won’t make the cut. Experts are predicting “Shallow” will certainly be on the list, and probably take the Oscar home, but nothing will be official until February 24.