Susan Boyle Details Her New Record “Ten”

British singer Susan Boyle recently returned to the spotlight thanks to her participation in NBC’s reality show America’s Got Talent: The Champions, and is now ready to follow that up with some new music. Boyle, who gained prominence during her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, just announced that she will be releasing her new album Ten on May 31st.

According to the press release, the album will celebrate the 10th anniversary of her music career and will contain four new songs alongside 10 selected tracks from her previous LPs.

“I am really proud of this album, it has my favorite tracks from over the years, and I hope you get as much joy out of it as I have had working on it and choosing the songs,” Boyle said in a statement about the album.

Susan Boyle’s last studio release came in 2016, when she presented A Wonderful World. The album received mixed reviews and didn’t have much success at the charts, peaking at number 150 on US Billboard 200 and reaching No.22 on UK Charts.