Taylor Swift Unveils Original “Cats” Song

Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards in 2018
Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards in 2018. Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (9686654di)

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Swifties and Cats fans can now indulge in Taylor Swift’s original song for the upcoming film version of the Broadway musical.

The singer-songwriter debuts “Beautiful Ghosts,” a song about feeling an outsider, will be performed by the graceful white cat Victoria (Francesca Hayward) in the film.  

The singer-songwriter wrote the song with Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Webber said of working with Swift, “I think she’s written lyrics that are first, dramatic, and secondly, it’s almost as if she’s read T.S. Eliot herself. Maybe she had because she’s so thorough and professional.”

In addition to writing the song, Swift will also appear in the film as Bombalurina. 

Cats hits theaters on December 20. 

Listen to “Beautiful Ghosts” below.