“The Good Fight” Renewed for Season 4 by CBS All Access

Christine Baranski spent three seasons fighting The Good Fight as her most iconic character Diane Lockhart, and she’s not going to stop anytime soon as CBS All Access just renewed one of their most successful shows for another season.

This series centers on Baranski’s character from The Good Wife and shows her running into a lot of trouble after losing her life savings. Lockhart is a natural-born fighter, so she finds a way to get back on her feet, and starts working at a new law firm.

Christine Baranski received six consecutive Emmy nods for her performance in the original series, and her character became fan favorite over the years. She got several tempting offers after The Good Wife wrapped up in 2016, but decided to keep exploring Diane’s journey instead.

“For an actress at this point in my career, to play a character, a female character as smart and as elegant as Diane… there’s a kind of integrity to her. I thought if I could get that character back, I was willing to stay rather than venture into something unknown,” explained Baranski while discussing this show with Entertainment Weekly.