Amazon Drops Trailer for Sci-Fi Series From the Creator of “The Office”

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo in "Upload"

The creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation, Greg Daniels, is returning to television with a sci-fi afterlife series.

Upload, a 10-episode sci-fi afterlife series for Amazon Prime, will star Robbi Amell (The Flash) as Nathan, an app developer who after passing away from a horrific accident is forced to choose between surgery or dying with digital immortality. Nathan’s consciousness is “uploaded” to a virtual afterlife after he chooses digital immortality.

The series will tell Nathan’s experience in the luxurious afterlife community of Lakeside where his girlfriend (Allegra Edwards) and her family have property. Nathan will have the opportunity to purchase everything he ever wanted via in-app purchases. The only thing getting in the way of his perfect life in the afterworld is another woman, Nora (Andy Allo) who has a crush on him.

Upload will be available on Amazon Prime starting May 1, but until then watch the trailer below.