Viking’s Michael Hirst to Work With MGM on TV Adaptation of “Ronin”

After launching his own production company, Michael Hirst is teaming up with MGM.

Green Pavillion Entertainment was established by Hirst alongside producing partners Moran O’Sullivan and James Flynn. Sharon Remmer has been named creative director and joins from Frank Spotnitz’s Big Light Productions.

Hirst, who created Vikings and The Tudors, will now work together with MGM, which produced and distributed Vikings on a new TV adaptation of  the 1998 picture “Ronin.” This marks the first joint project between the movie studio and the startup.

“Having MGM Television as an ally in this venture will help us to build on our strengths and draw the best writers, directors and creative talent in the industry to our projects,” Hirst said.

Production chief for MGM Steve Stark said in a statement, “Michael Hirst, Morgan O’Sullivan and James Flynn have brilliantly shepherded Vikings for the past five years and, during that time, we have witnessed first-hand the quality of artists and talent that this team have expertly assembled to produce premium content on a massive scale.”