Watch Nicki Minaj’s Music Video for “Hard White”

Nicki Minaj’s latest album Queen is the crown jewel of her discography, and her new video is here to remind us she belongs on the throne. The famous rapper just dropped a haunting video for “Hard White” and it’s really the stuff of nightmares – but in a good way.

The video is filled with horror-inspired imagery and it shows Minaj rocking her crown of thorns despite all the zombies creeping around her. It’s clear she won’t let anyone stop her from taking her rightful place on the throne and affirming her reign.

This creepy video is the first one Nicki Minaj drops this year, but it isn’t the first single from Queen to get a music video treatment. Lead single “Chun-Li” gave her fans the taste of her fourth studio album, and it was followed by “Ganja Burn” and “Barbie Dreams” a few months ago.

Minaj’s latest album also features several successful collaborations, but “Bed” with Ariana Grande and “Good Form” with Lil Wayne are the only ones followed with a video. Let’s hope they won’t be the last!