Watch the Trailer for Donald Glover and Rihanna’s “Guava Island”

The first trailer for Donald Glover’s film starring Rhianna is here.

The trailer is the first footage of Glover AKA Childish Gambino and the singer’s upcoming film project. The feature is reportedly called Guava Island and according to reports that emerged earlier this year, filming took place in Cuba. According to Variety, the feature is directed by Glover’s longtime collaborator Hiro Murai.

The trailer premiered at Glover’s PHAROS Festival in New Zealand this weekend and all there is of the global debut is fan footage of the trailer, below. The video feature Glover and Rhianna in what seems like an idyllic setting, and sees Glover’s character lament, “We live in paradise but none of us actually have the time or the means to live here.”

The film also stars Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie.