12-Year-Old Darci Lynne Farmer’s Mind-Blowing Duet With Two Puppets

Darci Lynne Farmer has become one of America’s Got Talent’s fan favorite throughout this season with her remarkable ventriloquism, comedic skills, and excellent singing voice that let her hit the high notes, even with closed mouth.

The self-trained ventriloquist nailed it completely during the first night of AGT finals on Tuesday. Farmer hit the stage together with Petunia the rabbit, the puppet that earned her the Golden buzzer from Mel B, and her other puppet, Oscar the mouse, who serenaded the former Spice Girls star later in the season.

The 12-year-old contestant started with a funny three way conversation, masterfully switching back between Oscar, Petunia and her own voice and by the last part, the puppets sang a duet to Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends,” and she sang both their parts without even moving her mouth! Her mind-blowing performance earned her a standing ovation from the judges.

“You are just hands down incredible. You’re self taught, you were so shy and look at you now,” Mel B gushed. “When I gave you my golden buzzer I knew you could win this. You’re so poised and I still don’t know how you do it. I don’t see your mouth moving. Amazing!”

Heidi Klum added, “You have that special something. You might have just won yourself a million dollars.”

“The best part of doing this job is when you are there and you can say, ‘I was there at the beginning of someone’s career and I witnessed a star,'” Simon Cowell said. “Tonight, again, I’ve just witnessed a star emerge, because that’s what you are. You’re special, incredible, funny, talented and I think you’re going to win.”

Howie Mandel concluded, “You’re the most popular person on this show. You remind me of every reason I got into this business.”

Tune in to America’s Got Talent finals results show on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.