16 years after “Pootie Tang,” Louis C.K. debuts new feature film


Exciting news for Louis C.K. fans! It was announced on Tuesday that the comedian and filmmaker will debut his first feature film in 16 years in the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival.

The last feature film directed by C.K. was the 2001 Pootie Tang. Since then, he directed numerous TV episodes and stand-up comedy specials, however, he never returned to filmmaking. C.K. was somewhat undecided about the experience of filmmaking, saying in 2004 that it made him “happy that a world [he] created and wrote and shot made people happy and then lived on. After all, there aren’t many other movies from that year that people still want to see now.” However, in 2012, he said that film was a “huge mistake,” adding that “the experience was very painful, I was sucking at making the movie and got fired off of it, and they put my name on it anyway.”

I Love You, Daddy was filmed under the strictest secrecy. According to the Los Angeles Times, C.K. who also stars in the movie, will play “Glen Topher, a successful television producer and writer.” Also starring in the movie are Chloe Grace Moretz, John Malkovich, Helen Hunt, Rose Byrne, and Pamela Aldon.