5 New TV Shows That Knocked Us Off Our Feet in 2023

Ali Wong in
Ali Wong in "Beef"

The 2020s are proving to be another great era for television, and this year has given us several worthy contenders for the best show of the decade. From HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us to Netflix’s wild limited series Beef, we’re bringing you five new shows that 2023 will be remembered by.

The Last of Us

After years of anticipation, fans of the hit video game The Last of Us finally got the worthy adaptation about the journey of the hardened survivor Joel, who must smuggle a teenage girl Ellie across the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Gen V

Amazon Prime Video has given us one of their biggest hits with the superhero satire The Boys, and its spin-off Gen V centers on a younger generation of supes, trying to do whatever it takes to become members of The Seven.

Poker Face

Knives Out director Rian Johnson joined forces with Natasha Lyonne to create this “case-of-the-week” murder mystery series, which follows a human lie detector Charlie Cale solving crimes across America while on the run from a sinister casino owner.


Steven Yeun and Ali Wong took us on one wild journey in this series about two strangers who spark a feud that brings out their darkest impulses after a random road rage incident.

Jury Duty

One of the most unique series to launch in recent years, Jury Duty took us into the heart of a fake jury trial. Every step is meticulously planned because everyone taking part is an actor—apart from one juror who’s unaware that the whole thing is a hoax.