5 Trailers That Stole the Show at Super Bowl LVIII

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo in
Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo in "Wicked"

Trailers have always been one of the best parts of the Super Bowl, and Sunday night’s game gave us quite a few. From Deadpool & Wolverine to Wicked, here are five of the most anticipated new films teased during the Big Game.

Deadpool & Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will finally become a part of the MCU in the third film in this franchise, and he’ll have a formidable ally by his side in no one other than Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.


The long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Wicked is finally hitting the theaters this year, and Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo star as Glinda and Elphaba in the first trailer for this film.


Lee Isaac Chung’s sequel to Twister sees Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell, and Anthony Ramos trying to tame the immense power of tornadoes and survive another natural disaster.

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy will star Ryan Gosling as a past-his-prime stuntman who gets a taste of real-life action, and this film has “everything” according to its Super Bowl ad.

A Quiet Place: Day One

A Quiet Place: Day One trailer hit the shelves a few days before airing during the Big Game, and it captures the origin story of noise-sensitive creatures that went on to wipe out most of humanity in the original film.