Adam Levine and James Corden Get Stopped by Police on “Carpool Karaoke”

James Corden and Adam Levine cruised around Los Angeles singing some of Maroon 5’s biggest songs for this week’s The Late Late Show segment of Carpool Karaoke when they had a little run-in with the cops. 

Soon enough though they realized that it wasn’t going to be a regular cop pull over as after the LAPD car flashed its lights, it turned out the police officer just wanted to invite the duo to a fun sing along. 

As the sirens went off, Corden panicked, and said, “Oh, that’s the police. Hang on. What do the police want?” He then fumbled to turn the music off and open the passenger window. 

“I’m gonna pull you over so you can sing a song for me,” the sheriff’s deputy called out from the open window of his car.

“You want us to pull over so he can sing a song for you?” Corden responded, laughing in disbelief.

“Yes, because you’re causing a traffic hazard!” the sheriff’s deputy yelled back.

As he pulled over Corden added, “Oh my god. This is a real first,” along with some more nervous laughter.

Levine then pulled out the tried-and-true line most use when apologizing after getting pulled over and said, ”We’re sorry officer, it’ll never happen again.”

Promising to be careful the police officer simply drove off letting Corden and Levine off the hook. 

While Levine stayed cool, Corden was completely panicked.

“I don’t know what quite happened there,” he said turning to Levine asking, “How are you so chill? A Sheriff just pulled us over and you’re completely nonplussed by it. I’m panicked in my absolute core. 

Check out the hilarious segment below!