Aerosmith cancels tour due to Steven Tyler’s medical issues

Aerosmith has announced that it is cancelling the remaining dates of their South American tour. The tour dates that were cancelled include shows that were scheduled in Curitiba, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Rosario, Argentina; and Monterrey, Mexico.

This cancellation is due to the band’s frontman Steven Tyler’s health issues, for which he is receiving medical care in the U.S.

The band posted an announcement on Tyler’s Facebook page on Tuesday. “Unfortunately, due to unexpected medical issues, lead singer, Steven Tyler, is seeking immediate care and has been advised by his doctors that he cannot travel or perform at this time. The post ends with a positive message for Tyler’s fans reading, “Steven is expected to make a full recovery. With proper rest and treatment he will be back on his feet soon rocking the world.”

The message posted regarding the 69-year-old Grammy winner’s condition, which led to the cancellation did not include any details of his illness. Tyler simply chose to ensure fans saying that he is not in “a life threatening condition,” however he did add that he must get some “rest and medical care immediately in order to sustain and maintain [his] future performances.”