BBC’s “Doctor Who” Teaser Delivers One Christmas Miracle After Another

David Tennant in
David Tennant in "Doctor Who"

BBC hasn’t given us one of their signature Doctor Who specials this Christmas, but they found a different way to surprise fans of the beloved series. A new Doctor Who teaser is here and it brings back David Tennant and Catherine Tate, in addition to introducing Ncuti Gatwa as the new Time Lord.

The teaser opens with Tate’s Donna Noble pondering about the past saying, “Sometimes, I think there’s something missing. Like I had something lovely and it’s gone.” During her original run on the show, Donna’s memories of her time with the Doctor were erased so she could survive, but the new taser hints at her reunion with Tennent’s Doctor.

The teaser also features Neil Patrick Harris as the show’s new villain and Yasmin Finney as Rose, but the biggest revelation comes in the very last seconds. Gatwa appears at the end of the teaser, asking a question on everyone’s mind – “Will someone tell me what the hell is going on here?”

Doctor Who is celebrating its 60th anniversary next year, with Russell T Davies returning as showrunner. Tennant will make a comeback as the Doctor in the three-hour anniversary special in November before Gatwa takes over in Season 14, set to premiere in 2024.