“Bird Box” Breaks Netflix Record With 45 Million Weekly Streams

Bird Box is one of the most-talked-about original films ever released by Netflix, and the numbers reflect that. The streaming giant just announced this word-of-mouth hit broke a major record, after being viewed by 45 million subscribers in a single week.

Bird Box tells the story of a fearless mother, played by Sandra Bullock, who’s seeking a new beginning with her two kids after surviving a mysterious apocalypse that wiped up most of humanity. They are forced to spend the whole journey blind-folded, since it’s the only way to avoid ominous unseen presence, which takes the form of the victims’ worst fears and regrets.

Bird Box immediately became viral sensation and spawned dozens of memes. That might be one of the reasons why it attracted 45 million viewers, but it’s not the only one. This amazing thriller was released at the perfect time, right in the middle of holiday season.

Watching Netflix is an unavoidable modern-day Christmas tradition, so it’s not surprising millions of people tuned in to see this smash hit after December 21, when it officially started streaming on Netflix.