Brie Larson Talks about ‘Captain Marvel’

Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel film will take place in the 90’s, before the events of the first Iron Man film. At last year’s Comic-con it was revealed that Larson will star as Carol Danvers, making it Marvel’s first female standalone movie.

Jackson and Larson recently spoke with ET and revealed the little their allowed to on the much-anticipated movie.

With inevitable comparisons to DC Comic’s female-led Wonder Woman, Larson made it a point that no assumptions should be made nor concerns raised regarding female-led films and how they’ll do at the box-office. Larson said that she feels honored to play the character and wants to do right by it. She added that she is feeling some pressure in playing a much-loved character. The Oscar-winning actress spoke of her bewilderment of why is it that women still experience some much pressure and people still think that a female-led movie is a gamble when it comes to the box office.

Another major reveal was since the film is set in the 90’s, the character of Nick Furry, played by Samuel L. Jackson, has yet to have donned his trademark eye-patch. Jackson said that the best part about shooting Captain Marvel was the time he got to spend with Brie.

Capitan Marvel will hit theatres in 2019.