BTS Drop Retro Music Video for Their Summer Anthem “Butter”

BTS. Photo by Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock (10563400al)

BTS gave us one of the defining summer songs of 2020 with “Dynamite”, and they’re getting ready to repeat that success with their latest single. “Butter” is the K-pop band’s new summer anthem that you’ll be hearing everywhere in the next few months—and it’s already breaking YouTube records.

According to Forbes, the retro music video for this Queen-inspired tune attracted 112.855 million views in its first 24 hours alone, breaking YouTube’s debut record. It also had the biggest music video premiere on YouTube, with approximately 3.9 million concurrent viewers tuning in to watch.

BTS recently discussed their latest record-breaking single with Billboard. RM said that “Butter” is all about positive vibes and explained how it compares to “Dynamite”.

“While ‘Dynamite’ was an upbeat, kind of like a disco-pop [track] that we tried to give hope to global listeners in the middle of the pandemic, ‘Butter,’ you know, it’s summer. It’s also a more upbeat, fresh dance-pop track, like more like a summer anthem,” said RM.

“Butter” follows BTS’s previous song “Film Out” as their second single of 2021, but it’s not the only project they’ve been teasing recently. The K-pop group also announced their Japanese-language compilation album BTS, the Best, scheduled to be released on June 16th.