Patrick Stewart Joins “Charlie’s Angels” Reboot

Patrick Stewart has been in show business for four decades, and his career is still blooming. Shortly after it was announced he’s returning to the Star Trek franchise, the veteran actor landed a key role in another promising project – the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot.

The three-time Golden Globe nominee is joining an already impressive cast, picked by the director Elizabeth Banks. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska will play the trio of private investigators.

The X-Men star will play Bosley, which may seem confusing since Elizabeth Banks already landed this role, but there’s a catch. The reboot will feature several versions of this iconic character, who acts as the Angels’ officially assigned agency support.

Both actors will have some big shoes to fill since the list of actors who previously portrayed Bosley includes Bill Murray and Bernie Mac. It’s still unclear if Stewart’s Bosley will be passing the torch down to Banks’ version, or if they’re going to be on the job at the same time. We’ll get that answer on September 27, 2019, when Charlie’s Angels reboot hits the theaters.